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Thursday, February 13, 2014

happy birthday hb

Will's birthday was yesterday and I never got a chance to blog about it! Also, I wanted to finally share our totally weird nicknames for each other.

But first, his birthday! Will was off work yesterday and got to spend the whole day with Crewboo. I was pretty jealous, but I came home for lunch and got to see them for a few minutes. Will's lunch request was, you guessed it, Taco Bell! No surprise there! After I got off work we went to Huey's for his birthday dinner with Kelly and John.

Yesterday was Will's first birthday with Crew so I think he enjoyed it! I L O V E watching Will be a dad. There's nothing better. I can't wait to celebrate many, many more birthdays with my main squeeze!

Now about those nicknames. When Will and I were dating we heard a couple call each other "Honey Bunny" and we thought it was the dumbest thing ever. We started calling one another that name just to be funny or, more than likely, to annoy each other! stuck. And "Honey Bunny" turned into "HB." It is the weirdest pet name for a spouse that I've ever heard. I can't remember the last time that Will called me by my actual name. It's always "HB." And as strange as it is, I like it that way.

So for those friends of ours who've heard us call one another by our nickname and been confused, now you know.

Please tell me we aren't the only ones with strange nicknames!
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Lisa C said...

Happy birthday, Will! Mac and I call each other "babe." When he calls me Lisa, I get confused.

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

So sweet! Jeff always calls me "Winsk", which is part of my maiden name. He has even turned it into a verb, when I'm "being a winsk". People think we're weirdos!


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