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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

coming in june...

We are so excited to share that we will be expecting a second precious baby next June! Crew is so excited to be a BIG BROTHER!

crew's county fair: smash cake

I was so sure that Crew would just dive right into his cake and it would be a hilarious mess. Well, I was wrong. I think a combo of him being sleepy and having about 20 people staring at him just made him uninterested and confused! He was still just as cute as ever though!

Again, thanks so much to Madi Noelle Photography for capturing these moments!

Monday, November 24, 2014

crew's county fair: friends + family

Our family and friends who just love our little boy were all guests at his party. We are so lucky that most of Crew's family lives here in Memphis. It means that Crew gets to spend time with both of our families..and free babysitters! I do get bummed that the family and friends who don't live close by do not get to experience the immense joy that Crew shares with everyone. He really is just the happiest and is the answer to any difficult or sad day.

This photo is so special to me. My grandfather passed away just one short week after this party. I'm so glad he was able to come to Crew's birthday and we all got to spend time together and as a family one more time.

This is Crew's best buddy, Will. He's just 8 days younger than Crew and this perfectly describes their relationship!

The ball pit was a hit and we kept it in the house at least a month after the party. We're still finding those balls all over the place!

To check out the decorations and food of the county fair, click here!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

crew's county fair: decorations + food

Finally getting around to blogging Crew's amazing first birthday party. It went so great and I'm so thankful I have these images. I have a few friend's who are photographers and I knew I wanted one of them to be there so I could focus on Crew and the party and not have to worry about getting pictures of everything. I strongly recommend doing that! My good friend Madi of Madi Noelle Photography was able to come since it was an a.m. party and she didn't have a wedding until later that afternoon. Thank you, Madi!

Since I started dreaming up Crew's party way back when I knew I wanted to avoid any kind of character theme for as long as possible! Since his birthday is in October, I thought a perfect theme would be a county fair and so we went with that! It was perfect!

Since I have my own calligraphy and design business, I had big expectations for myself in designing his party invitations. No store-bought invite would do. Here's what I came up with:

I tried to pull in a few county fair elements - the pie, popcorn and goldfish (RIP) made the cut. This was my very first homemade pie crust too!

Of course, the envelopes had to have my touch on them as well!

Now to the party!

Birthday boy faces was inspired by Parents Magazine

This garland actually fooled one of my brothers. He thought it was real! Find a tutorial here

I saw this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess about a week before the party and knew it would be perfect. Luckily I have a handy dad who thought so too. Thanks, Dad! I didn't have time to paint them fun colors, but I'm glad we didn't because the washers left marks and knicks in the wood anyway.

This is Crew's cake. It was made to look like a pie!

I asked a few family members to bake some pies too and they were delish!

 I just used fabric scraps I already had for the rag tie garland

 Party favors were cotton candy and candy apples

We asked all the guests to sign this book for Crew just like we had a book in the hospital when he was born.

Because these photo files are so large, it took me all day to upload just I decided to just break up the party into different categories! Stay tuned!


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