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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

planning the perfect babymoon

Will and I have been talking about going on a babymoon for months and months now. I'm currently 31 weeks and time is flying by. Our weeks and weekends have quickly filled up with doctors appointments, baby showers, breast feeding classes, nursery decorating and so many other things. We've finally been able to narrow down a weekend when we can go on a babymoon and it just so happens to be the last possible weekend that I'm even allowed to travel. Talk about cutting it close! 

So what goes into planning the perfect babymoon? I've narrowed it down to a few key things:

1. Location, location, location
Sure, I'd love to travel to some exotic foreign country or Caribbean beach, but at this point it's just not feasible. Taking into account just how pregnant you are is important when deciding on your destination. Seeing as I'm 31 weeks, flying to a different country is out of the question. Whether you'll be flying or driving, be sure the trip isn't too long. Nobody wants to be stopping for a bathroom break every thirty minutes on a 10 hour road trip and the same goes for a long flight. Relaxing is key on a babymoon so be sure that sitting in a car or plane for hours on end isn't going to add any stress to your trip!

2. Prime time
I've read in several books and on several sites that the best time to take your babymoon vacation is during your second trimester. Oops. I'll be about 4 weeks away from my due date when we take our trip so I think I failed at this tip. Most people probably don't want to take a babymoon during their first trimester (for obvious reasons) so the second trimester is really the best time. You feel great, have tons of energy and don't feel like a beach ball yet! Unfortunately, our schedules just didn't work out for a second trimester trip, but I'll take what I can get!

3. Relaxation is key
I think this is so important when planning your trip. The point of a babymoon is to get away with your significant other before your bundle of joy comes into the world. Let's face it: your lives are about to make a 180 degree turn into a different world. Right now, our home consists of my husband and I and our two dogs. We can go to bed when we want, sleep when we want and wake up when we want. It's going to be very different in just a few short months. You want your babymoon to be relaxing. No itinerary, just relaxation. It's important to have that last one-on-one time together before a sweet baby is added to the family.

4. Activities
Be sure that wherever you're going has some preggo-friendly activities. If you plan on going to the beach, then you're set! But not everyone lives close enough to a beach for that to be an option. For example, at this far along I don't think I'd be comfortable or happy about walking all over NYC...neither would my feet/ankles. Choose somewhere that will make you and your hubby happy!

5. Medical Presence
Hopefully, no one will need any kind of doctor while on their babymoon, but I think it's smart to at least just be aware of where the local hospital is. If you're going to a resort, I'm sure they have some kind of doctor on staff. Just be sure to always have your doctor's number on hand with your insurance card. Also, if you're traveling out of the country, do some research on your insurance coverage IF anything were to happen while overseas.

Have I missed anything? What have you learned from planning a babymoon?

Good luck and have fun!
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PMerr said...

We took one the first trimester. I got a groupon on a place in NH and visited Josh's uncle in Maine on our way. No one knew yet. We were supposed to go camping with friends a few weeks ago, but they couldn't go, so we were going to turn it into a babymoon, but that's a week before I went into the hospital, so the doctor said no. I'm hoping we can do an overnight thing for our anniversary next weekend, but we really don't have the money. I really want to do something, though. :/

Can't wait to hear about yours!

Ryan said...

Being aware of the bathroom situation is key! My husband and I went to Paris during my second trimester for our babymoon, and I had no idea that finding a restroom for my VERY frequent potty trips would be so difficult!

Sarah said...

Have a great trip!!

Pamela said...

I'm not pregnant, but love this list!! Def have to keep it in mind for one of these days ;)

The Sequined Spaniel said...

You can't leave me hanging like that! Where are you going?!

Laura said...

This is a great list of things to keep in mind and it was exactly all the things I was thinking about last week when planning our babymoon to Miami. We go in 3 weeks...I can't wait to hear about yours and where you two decided on going!!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

This is SO on my wish list for when we get there one day.

Melissa Jo said...

Whatever you choose to do, with this list I'm sure it will be a great babymoon!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

This sounds great and I can not wait to see what you choose!

Sparkles and Shoes

Heather Leigh said...

We never went on a babymoon but would have loved too!!! Looking forward to seeing what you choose! ;)


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