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Thursday, August 8, 2013

the diaper bag decision

We have yet to decide on a diaper bag. After registering at Babies R Us and Target, I was not loving any bags that they had to offer (at least not in-store items). I was (and still am!) so overwhelmed with all the different options and decisions with preparing for our first baby and I guess I kind of "gave up" searching for the perfect diaper bag.

Well, I think I've put it off long enough. With just over 8 weeks left until Baby K makes his arrival, we need to make a decision. Seeing Laura's post on her diaper bag search and the cute options she's found, I was motivated again to find THE bag.

I know that some people register for two diaper bags - one for the momma and one for the daddy. I just don't see us using two bags and switching back and forth so I'd rather just get one, good quality bag. This means I want to find a diaper bag that isn't too girly for Will to be carrying around, but that still looks somewhat fashionable.

From Lassig, here are the diaper bags I love the most:
Tender Multizip Bag - Green or Mud

Vintage Metro Bag

Green Label Urban Bag - Choco Melange
Lassig has so many cute bags, but a lot of them don't seem practical because the handles aren't long enough to throw on your shoulder. Personally, I don't want a diaper bag that I have to carry by the handles.

City Carryall - Dreaming in Dax

From JJ Cole:
Satchel Bag - Azure Infinity

What do you think about my options? Do you own a bag from any of these brands?
Help me out!

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PMerr said...

I didn't like many of the diaper bags out there, either. I didn't do any research on that, but I did end up going with a tote from Thirty One Purses and getting a some pieces to help organize the inside. Not the most cost effective option, but the bag itself was cheaper than an average diaper bag and I can use it for pretty much anything after baby.

The Life of Poole said...

I love your JJ Cole option, definitely my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I think getting two diaper bags (one for dad and one for mom) is silly! Shoot, I am carrying this baby for nine months! If I want a pink diaper bag with hearts, stars and clovers all over it then daddy is just going to have to deal with it! Lucky for daddy I don't like pink... ha! And lucky for daddy I actually found an Eddie Bauer black/light green neutral bag that I really like! I honestly wasn't really worried about what it looked like though - I just wanted something with LOTS of pockets on the inside and long straps. I found the one I like online on Babies R Us in case you were wondering! Good luck!


Lindsay said...

My husband had a Columbia backpack diaper bag, buuuut we got it for free from a Columbia employee who knows my family. Honestly, I've been using it as a camera bag since we got it! (Whoops!) It was much easier to tote around just one bag. We had one from SkipHop that I loved, at least the functionality of it -- I didn't like the design very much. I enjoyed that it had a lot of POCKETS on the inside -- it made things insanely easier to have each little thing have a place to go!

All of these are super cute!

Mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Sequined Spaniel said...

I like the last one! It looks roomy with lots of pockets! P.S. I just now noticed this post-- Don't know how I missed it! :)

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

I actually LOVE my Vera Bradley diaper bag ~ still use it for my almost 2 year old and will use it for the new baby, too.


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