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Sunday, April 12, 2015

a beautiful weather weekend

The weather this weekend in Memphis was amazing, sunny and in the 70's. Crew is happiest outside so we played with chalk a lot and (he) ran up and down the street and played with the dogs.

He also had a glow in the dark bath two nights this weekend and loved it! Yay for cheap entertainment!

On Saturday morning the three of us went to the Children's Museum. We got a membership about a month ago and Will hadn't been able to go with Crew and I yet.

Our little dancing machine!
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We had planned to work on Grey's nursery that day also, but Will ended up having to work all afternoon so it was just Crew and I hanging out. We spent most of the day outside of course!

On Sunday morning, I woke up not feeling very well (just pregnancy ickiness), but we ended up all going to church anyway. Sunday afternoon we all went home and rested after church. Will was tired from work the previous day, Crew was tired from church, and I am always tired...and was still feeling a little under the weather. Grey was just not agreeing with my body!

I really cherish our weekends and family time. Things definitely didn't go as planned as far as that's concerned, but I'm thankful for the time we did have together and the new memories made!

27-30 weeks bumpdate: baby #2

I had a bad streak with my pictures during weeks 26-28. They didn't happen. Partly because I thought I was 26 weeks when I was actually 27 (whoops!) and partly because well, it just didn't happen. It takes two seconds, but somehow 3 weeks had gone by and no pictures.

I had my glucose test (passed) and 3D ultrasound at 28 weeks. Grey looks EXACTLY like Crew on the ultrasound...his profile and everything. I can't wait to see how much they resemble each other. At 28 weeks, he was already 3 lbs and measuring a week ahead. I think we've got another big boy on our hands!

I've already been feeling so tired again into this third trimester. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with chasing Crewboo around...and also the fact that Grey will be here in 2 months or less (whoa!) and I'm getting huge! I really love and appreciate naps when I can get one!

These are the differences I've noticed so far between this pregnancy and the first:

The first time I only broke out a little in the first trimester and then at the very end | With this one, my face has been broken out the. entire. time. and it's making me crazy.

I haven't been near as emotional this time around. I didn't say "not emotional," just not as emotional!

The first time around, I didn't really start feeling pelvic soreness until at least 33 weeks | This time I've been hurting for at least 8 weeks already

Back Pain
Back pain both times, just different places

Restless Legs
Last time I had terrible restless legs every single night. I couldn't go to sleep unless I took a really hot shower right before getting in bed. | This time, (knock on wood) it hasn't been near as bad. Usually just once a week.

Those are just what I can think of off the top of my head right now. Luckily it's generally been another easy pregnancy. Can't believe we'll be meeting him in 2 months!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

crew | 18 months

It CANNOT be possible that our baby is 18 months already! A year and a half?! No!
He turned 18 months on April 3, 2015

weight: a whopping 32 lbs (as of 2 or 3 weeks ago sick visit to doc)
clothes: 2T
diapers: size 4 in disposables
hair color: Dirty blonde
eye color: VERY dark green/brown
nicknames: Crewboo, pumpkin, baby
eating: He still loves fruit and Mexican food - he definitely has picky spells and we're trying to work past it. I hope he doesn't turn out to be a picky eater like me!
likes: He still loves being in the water and taking baths, entertaining the room, any and every dog, being at church, being outside (so happy for this warmer weather!), he loves reading and learning colors/new words, he loves trains and animals - one of his many talents is that he can do almost any animal noise you ask him. My favorite is the horse! He's very observant to the things around him (especially outside) and loves to listen for airplanes, trains, birds, lawnmowers, trucks - everything!
dislikes: lately he's had fits about his sippy cups - either he doesn't want a certain cup or he'll get mad about his juice:water ratio. Toddlers! He also doesn't like coming inside after he's been playing outside. He'd stay out all day if he could. He can reach the door knobs now so he's always trying to make an escape to get out.

Monday, April 6, 2015

grey's name

Remember when I explained why we chose Crew's name? (Read it here) Well, I wanted to make sure I documented the reason behind choosing Grey's name too - mainly just his middle name!

We found out we were pregnant with Grey on October 12th...and Papaw passed away the next day. We never got a chance to share our news with him, but I know he knows about his second great grandson now. We debated for a long time about what Grey's middle name would be. Ransom is an unusual name and I wasn't sure about it for a while. In the end, we kept coming back to it because of the meaning and the sentimentality to us and our family - Ransom "Sonny" Skelton is so missed and we still haven't adjusted to life without him, but Will and I hope that giving Grey this name will in some way help shape him into the man that our Papaw was.

easter weekend 2015

What a fun weekend! I think it's because I gave myself a break from calligraphy orders and just enjoyed the time with my family. It was so needed!

Thursday night we finally got to eat El Porton with Tyler, Amanda and sweet Madison. Crew was being a total sweetheart and was actually paying attention to her. (He usually gives babies the cold shoulder or is just too busy to notice them!)

On Friday Collierville was having a kids' Easter event and I mainly just wanted to go so Crew could see the trains they have. He LOVES trains, but apparently he likes them from a distance right now. He was not a fan of standing on it by himself. Maybe it was the metal grate he was standing on that made him so unsure. He "choo choo"ed all day (and even did it in his sleep that night!) Thankfully my mom went with me and was the Crew-chaser. I'm getting slower and slower with this big belly!

A real train went by and he was just in heaven!

That night we tried to go see the Easter bunny at Bass Pro, but the line was to the back of the store and that was just not happening. We watched the fish instead and I'm sure that Crew liked that better than he would have with that creepy-looking bunny! Ha!

He's officially mastered the "what do the fish do?" face

Crew got his hair cut also on Friday and now looks like a 3 year old. Where did my baby go?!

He was exceptionally clingy at our Cracker Barrel that night. We got home and realized the poor baby had a random fever :( He slept it off though and was ready to go the next morning!

Wild man taking over our bed on Saturday morning!

Easter egg hunt - it was chilly and wet! But I think Crew still had fun!

Saturday evening we went back to Collierville to see the trains again so Will could go too. Crew dreamed about those trains so we had to go back because it was a beautiful day. We ate dinner at Dyer's at it was delicious. Yay for greasy food.

Sunday morning we went to our church (Island Community Church in downtown Memphis) and then over to my parents' for lunch. Crew was A D O R A B L E in his outfit. My brother's puppy was about the only way to make him look happy in these pics because it was past nap time. Crew loves dog kisses...with a mouth wide open!

No, we didn't plan to match! Will got his shirt about a month ago and on Friday I was searching Target for a dress. They were really slacking in their maternity section right now so I just had to get this blue dress and throw a cardigan over it! We noticed Saturday night that we'd be "that couple" who matches on Easter! Oh well!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Savior!

And just for fun, check out Easter 2014, and 2013! Wow, time flies!


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