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Sunday, March 15, 2015

14-26 week bumpdate, 2nd trimester recap: baby #2

How am I already entering the third trimester?! I've done terrible with documenting everything from this pregnancy. I also think that I just didn't have as much to document because I was either too busy with Crew to notice or I had already experienced so many of the "pregnancy symptoms" and just didn't think much of them. Either way, here are the things I do remember about the last 10+ weeks!

We found out the gender on December 23rd and had our gender reveal on the 24th! I was almost 16 weeks at that point. The ultrasound tech at the doctor tried to determine the gender at my 15 week appointment, but baby boy had his legs crossed and was sleeping so that didn't work. This wasn't a scheduled ultrasound, but I had convinced my doctor to let me try since we had all our family in town and it would be "the perfect time for a reveal!" Once I found out it was possible to know the gender at 15 weeks, I just had to find out in time for a Christmas surprise. I found a Groupon for a local ultrasound place and they were the ones who determined it was a boy! Of course, we have made sure to confirm at our doctor's office also!

The heartburn! Oh, the heartburn! I didn't have heartburn with Crew until much, much later in the pregnancy so that's one thing that is different. Tums are my best friend at this point. They seem to work pretty well especially if I take some at the first signs so I haven't felt the need to try any other medication...yet. 

The other major thing that has been different this time is the extreme soreness and pain in my pelvic region. Again, I didn't feel like this until at least 33 weeks with Crew and it's been going on this time since around 21-22 weeks and is just getting worse. It started out as just an a.m. nuisance when I got up in the morning, but now it's pretty constant and pretty much whenever I move. Hot showers seem to help (aka my answer to any ailment), but I haven't found much relief past that. 

I got a terrible rash all over my belly at about 23 weeks and it was so itchy. I kept it lathered in Aquaphor most of the time and took Benadryl at night so I wasn't up all night scratching. I vaguely remember this same thing happening when I was pregnant with Crew, but I have no idea why it did. Luckily I only had it for about 2 weeks and my belly is back to "normal!"

This was at 24 weeks

There hasn't been too much more that has been going on lately. It is getting a little more difficult to pick up my 32-pounder so we'll see how that goes the rest of the pregnancy. I told Will that we're going to have to get a step stool for Crew to get in and out of his crib when I'm the only one home! He's a chunk!

There's a baby boom going on with our closest friends at church and I love it! One sweet baby has been born since this photo and the twins will be here any day now! So excited for my friends!


Brianna Tucker said...

That so great that you have friends pregnant at the same time so you guys can share it together!

J and A said...

You look great! So nice to have friend all expecting together!


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