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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the things I want to remember

I don't want to forget these seemingly small things about Crew and the stage he's in right now. I could just eat him up!

I want to remember:
These fat hands with dimpled knuckles

This sweet cuddle session that never happens. Thank you, Dinosaur Train!

These little piggies

This big laugh

His first fat lip. He kissed the floor a little too hard that day.

This style

His book obsession. He understands that everything has a name and so he want to know every single one.

The way he scrunches up his face when you ask where his nose is. And he loves to be asked where his tongue is as a reason to stick it out!

1 comment:

J and A said...

So cute. So agree, all these little things are the best.


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