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Sunday, June 28, 2015

meet our second son!

Grey Ransom Kassner
June 11, 2015
8lbs 4oz
19 3/4 in

Our family couldn't be happier to have this sweet, precious boy in our lives now. He's already two weeks old somehow and growing so quickly. I'll be sharing his birth story on the blog as soon as we get the birth photos back from the photographer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

31-37 weeks bumpdate: baby #2

It hardly seems possible that we're two weeks away from meeting baby #2. Didn't we just find out we were pregnant?! 

When people ask if we're ready, we say yes and no. No because his room isn't ready, all the clothes aren't washed, all the deep cleaning and house projects aren't finished...and the list goes on. (Literally, my to do list goes on painting our front door before he's born. Really? Who has time for that?!) But at the same time, I'm ready to meet him. I'm ready for heartburn to go away. I'm ready to at least be able to get comfortable when laying in bed, even if our sleep drastically decreases, at least I'll be comfortable! 

Crew was 9 lbs, 5 oz and I have a feeling Grey will be a big boy too. My belly is pretty close to the same size as I was with Crew and boy does it feel like he's huge when he's stretching his feet and legs up against my ribs! With Crew I gained 40 lbs and this time I hadn't been keeping up with my weight so I asked the doctor last week what my total gain was so far. It was only 26 lbs! I 100% attribute that to chasing Crew around and lifting that little 33 lb chunk all the time! I joke all the time and say that my water is going to break one of these days when I'm picking Crew up because I have to strain so hard! Ha! I have played it in my mind a hundred times!

I told my doctor last week (36 week check up) that I thought Grey had dropped some because I could feel his movements much lower than I had been able to. Well I was right and he's pretty low. No dilation yet though! We'll see if I've made any progress this Friday!

As far as symptoms lately, of course there is constant heartburn. (Never really had this with Crew) I feel like I just look at food and my chest starts burning! I had braxton hicks a lot around 33-44 weeks and then they went away until this past week. Braxton hicks, sharp pains and cramps have been going on quite often the past several days. (Trying not to think anything of it all because I don't want to psych myself out thinking that he's going to come early!) I also have been getting so much less sleep lately! A lot of it is because Grey is a night owl! He kicks and stretches all through the night and his feet have been up in my ribs 24/7. He's already preparing me for getting back on a newborn's sleep schedule! I've been just so exhausted lately and take advantage of Crew's nap time on my two days off a week. I hope this all doesn't come across as complaining! I really have such easy pregnancies and am so thankful for that! I can't wait to meet this little chunk!

It's scary that 9 months of worry is about to come to an end - Worry about how Crew will transition to being a big brother. I don't want him to feel left out or ignored once Grey is born. I have no doubt that he'll be a fantastic brother, I just am scared about how we will all transition as a new family of four. I still want him to feel just as important and loved as he does now! I know God is in control of all and has orchestrated our new addition to His perfect timing so I'm just praying for guidance in this area as well!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

last weekend away

The first weekend in May I packed up with my mom, g-ma and aunt and we drove down to the coast for a girls weekend away. It was a lot of driving in a short period of time, but so worth it to sit on the beach and relax...sunburnt and all! This was also Will's first extended period of time with Crew by himself. I knew they'd be fine and that I'd be coming home to a daddy's boy!

This was my last time away before Grey makes his appearance and we transition to life with TWO boys! Ahh! Can't believe it's approaching in just 3-4 weeks!

A belly, a book and a beach!

I got pictures like this all weekend from the boys!

Finished the trip off with beignets for breakfast before driving home!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

a beautiful weather weekend

The weather this weekend in Memphis was amazing, sunny and in the 70's. Crew is happiest outside so we played with chalk a lot and (he) ran up and down the street and played with the dogs.

He also had a glow in the dark bath two nights this weekend and loved it! Yay for cheap entertainment!

On Saturday morning the three of us went to the Children's Museum. We got a membership about a month ago and Will hadn't been able to go with Crew and I yet.

Our little dancing machine!
A video posted by Courtney Kassner (@courtkassner) on
We had planned to work on Grey's nursery that day also, but Will ended up having to work all afternoon so it was just Crew and I hanging out. We spent most of the day outside of course!

On Sunday morning, I woke up not feeling very well (just pregnancy ickiness), but we ended up all going to church anyway. Sunday afternoon we all went home and rested after church. Will was tired from work the previous day, Crew was tired from church, and I am always tired...and was still feeling a little under the weather. Grey was just not agreeing with my body!

I really cherish our weekends and family time. Things definitely didn't go as planned as far as that's concerned, but I'm thankful for the time we did have together and the new memories made!

27-30 weeks bumpdate: baby #2

I had a bad streak with my pictures during weeks 26-28. They didn't happen. Partly because I thought I was 26 weeks when I was actually 27 (whoops!) and partly because well, it just didn't happen. It takes two seconds, but somehow 3 weeks had gone by and no pictures.

I had my glucose test (passed) and 3D ultrasound at 28 weeks. Grey looks EXACTLY like Crew on the ultrasound...his profile and everything. I can't wait to see how much they resemble each other. At 28 weeks, he was already 3 lbs and measuring a week ahead. I think we've got another big boy on our hands!

I've already been feeling so tired again into this third trimester. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with chasing Crewboo around...and also the fact that Grey will be here in 2 months or less (whoa!) and I'm getting huge! I really love and appreciate naps when I can get one!

These are the differences I've noticed so far between this pregnancy and the first:

The first time I only broke out a little in the first trimester and then at the very end | With this one, my face has been broken out the. entire. time. and it's making me crazy.

I haven't been near as emotional this time around. I didn't say "not emotional," just not as emotional!

The first time around, I didn't really start feeling pelvic soreness until at least 33 weeks | This time I've been hurting for at least 8 weeks already

Back Pain
Back pain both times, just different places

Restless Legs
Last time I had terrible restless legs every single night. I couldn't go to sleep unless I took a really hot shower right before getting in bed. | This time, (knock on wood) it hasn't been near as bad. Usually just once a week.

Those are just what I can think of off the top of my head right now. Luckily it's generally been another easy pregnancy. Can't believe we'll be meeting him in 2 months!


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