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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

crew | seven months

Behind again. Oh well.

weight: about 23-24 lbs
clothes: 18 months
diapers: size 4 in disposables and wearing OS cloth
hair color: Blonde...though every now and then it looks like it has a reddish tint to it.
eye color: This is such a hard one to figure out. I know that sounds silly, but it really is. The outer rims of his eyes are a dark, dark blue/gray. The inside is a dark green. So much like Will's eyes (minus the blue)
eating: Breastfeeding, formula, yogurt, bananas, fruit and veggie puree, puffs, yogurt melts
nicknames: Crewboo, Crewdy, Presh...
likes: (loves) baths still, his walker and jumperoo, going on walks, any dog
dislikes: getting his clothes changed, diaper changed, or mouth wiped - he thinks we're trying to torture him obviously.

Crew had his six month shots this week. They were awful. I think because he is older now and somewhat knows what's going on is the reason they were worse this month. He cried and cried....and cried. It was terrible. He just got himself all worked up and sweaty and nothing would calm him for the longest time. It was the worst!

This week he started acting weird about bottles. He just wasn't interested in them at all. No idea why, but it did pass thankfully! He's eating baby food twice a day now (breakfast and dinner). He'll usually have yogurt or fruit in the morning and then some kind of veggie puree and fruit at dinner. He's an eating champ!

Crew is thankfully sleeping better again after his 6 month old sleep regression! That was a rough patch in the sleep department there for a while!

He absolutely loves his jumperoo! Worth every penny. He'll work up a sweat from jumping so much!

29 weeks was Crew's first Easter - He was so adorable!!

I spoke too soon on the sleep. This was a rough week again. We think it was due to teething. Poor baby!

We took Crew on his first camping trip this week! (which I have yet to blog about) We were at the Spring River in AR with friends for a day and a half and I was so apprehensive on how he was going to do. Well, he proved me wrong and slept like a champ in his pack n play in our tent. I woke up in the middle of the night umpteen times checking on him because he hadn't moved. I'm so glad that he did so well because camping is something that Will and I LOVE to do and I'm excited to carry on the tradition with our kids!
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Monday, June 16, 2014

Go Shout Love : Mighty Si

Good morning, friends! I wanted to stop by real quick and let you know that I have teamed up with Go Shout Love to create two prints that will benefit this precious little boy. Si was born with a rare chromosome abnormality, but he's such a champ.

Go check out his Facebook page to learn more about #MightySi

I've made two prints that you can purchase in my Etsy shop. They are 8x10 watercolor reprints. ALL profits from the sale of these two items in the month of June will go to Silas and his family.

Purchase here

Purchase here 

 Thanks so much for the support of #MightySi and his family!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

crew | six months

I'm about two month behind on posting Crew's updates on the blog. Oops. I've tried to keep up with his weekly growth and firsts on my phone though! I also slacked and didn't take his "official" 6 month picture. #yolo

weight: about 22 lbs
clothes: mostly 12 months
diapers: size 3 in disposables and wearing OS cloth
hair color: Blonde...though every now and then it looks like it has a reddish tint to it.
eye color: blue-ish...seems to be turning green/brown like Will's eyes
eating: Breastfeeding, formula, yogurt, bananas, fruit and veggie puree
nicknames: Crewboo, Crewster, Crewby, boo boo, handsome, precious...basically just anything that comes out of our mouths
likes: (loves) baths, talking, smiling, laying on his belly, chewing on his hands/trying to stuff his whole fist in his mouth, bananas, being outside, going on walks, chewing on his toes, his Nana!
dislikes: being hungry, sleepy or getting his clothes changed

Crew's set up to sleep in his crib didn't last very long because it started wanting to roll to his belly. I was paranoid to actually let him sleep on his stomach though. I was scared he would bury his face into the sheet and not be able to breathe. Crew's always had strong neck muscles so I don't know why I let it worry me so. Anyway, Will finally tested out letting him sleep on his belly for a nap and we haven't looked back since!

We also went to Nashville this weekend to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. We LOVE going to Nashville for a quick weekend getaway. Crew came with us and he was perfect. No surprise! We got a hotel with a king size bed instead of taking the Pack n' Play and it was great. We really enjoyed meeting up with some friends in Franklin for lunch on Saturday and visiting a church in Chapel Hill on Sunday where Will's good friend is the Pastor. A great weekend overall!

On the 3 hour drive to Nashville, Crew found his feet! He chewed on them all weekend!

At 23 weeks, Crew started eating bananas out of the mesh feeder (which quickly got trashed because those things are IMPOSSIBLE to clean)! He loves it, but it makes such a mess. He also started sucking on his bottom lip and it is hilarious. It just makes his chubby cheeks stick even more and he looks like a little chipmunk!

This was a rough week and we thought he may be teething. He wasn't sleeping much during his naps and just was cranky this week. When I checked out the Wonder Weeks app, there was a storm cloud on this particular week so that theory may have some truth behind it!

He started sticking his tongue out all the time...just another funny thing he does!

(Here he is sucking on his lip like mentioned above)

He really started paying attention to the dogs this week. He laughs hysterically when Remi barks or growls (when playing). Guess he'll never be afraid of dogs!

He's also eating yogurt and mashed bananas all the time now!

We experienced sleep regression this week. I kept thinking he was teething...but still no teeth. It's been hard to get used to lack of sleep again after he had been sleeping all night!

He also stretched his time between feedings to 4 hours for the most part! Yay Crewboo!

Hopefully I'll get month 7 posted before he turns 8 months!!
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

I have been such a bad blogger lately. I never seem to find the time to blog so my social media outlet of choice is Instagram. I just love it. (@courtkassner)

I've been so busy with Etsy orders (such a blessing!) and trying to further my new little lettering business that this blog gets puts on the back-burner. Hopefully I can still stick with blogging the major events and milestones in Crew's life!

We had a wonderful first Easter with Crew. He was A D O R A B L E in a seersucker suit topped off with a navy fedora. He looked like a little old man! Of course Will and I matched in our seersucker too...I just couldn't resist!

On Saturday we took Crew to his first Easter egg hunt. I know he couldn't "hunt" the eggs, but it was so fun to take him out there and let him try and eat the plastic eggs. Basically anything he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth these days. After the egg hunt we went out to lunch with Will's family and Crew slept through most of it. Egg hunting wears a baby out!

On Easter day we went to our church and then to my parents for lunch

Gifts from the Easter bunny. I think he left the candy for Will and I!

Could he be any cuter?!

Crew with Lolly and Poppy

All the boys...count on Will to be making a silly face

Checking out Papaw

My family with my brothers' girlfriends

We took Crew to see the Easter bunny last week. All he wanted to do was touch his face. It was hilarious. The bunny would keep pulling Crew's arm down, but this ended up being my favorite picture because it is "so Crew." If you hold him, you can count on him putting his hands on your face and giving big sloppy, wet kisses.

I can't believe how this time last Easter I was about 12 or 13 weeks pregnant with Crew and now we have an almost 7 month old happy baby boy!

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Monday, March 31, 2014

crew | five months

Crew turned 5 months on March 3rd. Better late than never, right? 

I MAY have taken his 5 month photo only days before he turns 6 months. Oops. Basically his 5 and 6 month photos will look the exact same.

I have loved this past month with Crew better than the previous 4...each month gets better and better as his huge personality shines through. I just can't get enough!

weight: about 21 lbs
length: at 4 month appointment, 26.25 inches
clothes: mostly 9 months and up. Pajamas are 12 months, he also fits into some 18 months onesies. He basically just skipped the 6-9 month clothes.
diapers: size 3 in disposables and wearing OS cloth
hair color: he's our little blondie
eye color: blue-ish...seems to be turning green/brown like Will's eyes
eating: breastfeeding and formula - since going back to work it has been so hard to keep my supply up. I tried pumping at work, but it's just not the same. (Not to mention, it's annoying!) So I nurse him in the morning, at lunch, dinner and before bed. He's also getting oatmeal in a nighttime bottle which has really helped him to sleep longer. We jumped right in with carrots at 4 months and Crew hated them. Then we tried bananas. Nope. I'm sure it was just the texture. That's when we ended up going backwards and starting easy with oatmeal. Since then, he's eaten avocados and loved them. He also LOVES his Munchkin fresh food feeders with bananas in them. He'll usually eat half a banana when he has those.
nicknames: Crewboo, Crewster, Crewby, boo boo, handsome, precious...basically just anything that comes out of our mouths
likes: (loves) baths, riding in the car, talking, smiling, being able to look around and see what's going on, being read to, laying on his belly, chewing on his hands/trying to stuff his whole fist in his mouth, singing, bananas, being outside, going on walks, chewing on his toes
dislikes: being hungry or sleepy

Crew has started getting SO distracted while nursing, especially when I come home to feed him for lunch. If he hears Will talking somewhere in the room or the house he's got to whip his head around to see what's going on. It's pretty funny, but can end up taking twice as long to finish. At lunch all he wants to do is grin at me which is the cutest. thing. ever.

He's also started shrieking all the time. It's hilarious. He's not mad or sad, he just yells. He found his voice, that's for sure!

We started adding oatmeal to his bottles at night to help him sleep longer and it worked. After failing with carrots we back-tracked to oatmeal.

Crew's first Valentine's Day! Crew and Daddy cooked me a surprise dinner for when I got home from work and had even gone to Target together to get me some goodies. Can't go wrong with Target!

Crew and I are gearing up for Will to leave for Serbia at 20 weeks. It's going to be a hard week without him, but we'll make it!

He is SO good at putting his paci in his mouth. He rarely uses one, only when he's sleepy. So if it's in his mouth and he's not sleepy he will pop it right out to chew on all the edges and put it back in correctly when he's ready.

Will has been gone to Serbia this week and we sure have missed him. My parents were over a lot during the week because we were re-doing our office as a surprise to Will. My mom (aka Lolly) spent the night 3 times to help with Crew. It was so nice to have her there so I could get a full night's rest. It made all the difference!

Crew spends his days with my mom (Lolly), Will's mom (Grangie) and my grandmother (Nana). Nana keeps him the most, anywhere from 2-3 days a week. Crew loves them all, but he LOVES Nana so much. He gets so excited when she comes over and is always such a happy little baby for her and when we get home. I was always close to my great grandmother (Nana's mom) so it makes me so happy that Crew has such a sweet relationship with his great grandma. There are so many similarities between Mamaw and Nana, that it's no wonder Crew is so crazy about her! We are so blessed that he gets to spend so much time with his grandmothers!

Crew loves sucking on his bottom lip! It's hilarious and just makes his chubby cheeks even chubbier!

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