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Thursday, August 15, 2013

32 weeks

How far along are you?
32 weeks - It has flown by so far, but I'm worried that time is going to start dragging now that we're getting so close! I'm ready to meet our son!

How big is Baby?
He's the size of a squash (I pictured a yellow squash when I read about this week, but apparently the squash that is talking about looks like a pumpkin) - I found out that at our last ultrasound (3 weeks ago) he weighed 3lbs 13oz, so by now he should be over 4lbs! - He's about 17 inches long - He's fattening up and preparing for life outside of my belly! - His heart rate at the doctor yesterday was 146bpm. He gave the doctor a hard time when trying to get his heartbeat because he kept jerking around and kicking the monitor. I was laughing on the inside after having to wait 3 hours to see the doc!

Weight Gain? 
Yikes, 28lbs. If I gain a pound a week like I'm supposed to at this point I should stay within the "healthy" 35lb range by delivery.

a boy! Crew William Kassner

Maternity Clothes?
Yep - I bought a chiffon maxi dress from Pink Blush Maternity and it was too small for my growing belly!

Stretch Marks?
none on the belly

So-so. I've been so tired feeling lately that I can usually get to sleep pretty easily. I've even managed to go to sleep before Will for the past week which is a big deal! Last night I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about all I have going on at work. My promotion gave me a lot of extra responsibilities so I'm just trying to make sure everything will run smoothly once Crew is here.

I am just achy all over. My hips/groin area is always real sore, especially in the mornings. Last Friday I went home from work early because I was feeling a lot of pressure. I could have sworn he had moved down! My legs are still restless at night and I usually have to get in the shower before bed so the hot water will relax my muscles. My back hurts a lot, but chiropractic visits every 1-2 weeks is really helping.

He's getting bigger and stronger every day! My belly is always lopsided it seems!

Food Cravings/Aversions?
Not really anything - but I can't ever turn down a bowl of vanilla ice cream at night

Labor Signs?
not yet

Belly Button in or out?
half and half :)

What I miss?
Will was laying in the bed on his stomach yesterday and I got pretty jealous!

What I am looking forward to?
The nursery is coming along
Our babymoon in two weeks
Two more baby showers
Maternity pictures next Monday with the amazing Kelly Ginn Photography

Best moment of the week?
We had our first baby shower last weekend and loved it!
We also purchased the glider and ottoman for the nursery finally! We weren't a fan of spending that money, but I know it will look great once it gets here.

Daddy’s feeling?
"Starting to get a little nervous...Crew is almost here!! (But I'm pretty sure he's going to be the perfect kid!) And I can't wait for the babymoon with the Mrs! Time with her is as good as it gets!"

I'm feeling?
I promise that Will really did write that comment above! Haha
I'm just uncomfortable and anxious. My body is ready for him to be here, while my mind and my to-do list keep reminding me that he needs to stay in there a while longer. I know he'll come when he's ready and it's all in God's timing. BUT if he wanted to come soon, I'd be ok with that! (Even if the nursery isn't done!) I'm just ready to meet our little man!
In other news, I'm excited that my face doesn't look quite as puffy as it did in last week's photo!

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Anonymous said...

You're getting to the end!! My belly seems to be lopsided all the time and I'm only 19 weeks! Weird. Man, I have to give you props because I'm sure that if the nursery isn't done by 25-30 I'm sure I will be freaking out! I hope you have fun on your babymoon and relax! =]


Lindsay said...

I remember the lopsided belly! Ethan was always amking himself comfortable in the weirdest ways in there!

You look great, mama!

PMerr said...

My belly is usually lopsided too! So funny!

My nursery isn't really anywhere near ready. I have different areas of the apartment that need to be put together, but I need closets to do it. I only have 4 weeks left (at most), so I'm getting a little anxious.

Michaela Wagner said...

It's definitely hard from here on out! But when my first son was born, I was SO READY. Time felt like it was dragging from 35 weeks on, and then he was here and I missed him in my belly. It was a vacant feeling even though I was holding him. (He was born just 5 hours shy of his due date. I went the full 40 weeks). This pregnancy I'm at 35 weeks and as sore as I feel in the hips, I'm not ready yet!!! Maybe because I'm already taking care of my first one and I'm nervous for two, but It really does go SO FAST and it's such a blessed and precious time that most people only experience a few times.

I can't wait to see a nursery reveal! I'm sure you'll LOVE your glider, they're worth the money! We didn't even get our crib or the paint done until Lincoln was 4 months old since we did co-sleeping. This time, since we don't know the gender, I'm sure the same thing will happen. but I REALLY want to decorate. I'm SUPER nesty and I"m dying to pick a paint color.

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

Exciting, isn't it! These last few weeks are going to fly. Don't worry about the weight gain ~ I was gaining like crazy at the beginning of the 3rd trimester and then it tapered off. My belly is lopsided too due to baby's little butt sticking out :) Enjoy these last few weeks!


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