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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014

I have been such a bad blogger lately. I never seem to find the time to blog so my social media outlet of choice is Instagram. I just love it. (@courtkassner)

I've been so busy with Etsy orders (such a blessing!) and trying to further my new little lettering business that this blog gets puts on the back-burner. Hopefully I can still stick with blogging the major events and milestones in Crew's life!

We had a wonderful first Easter with Crew. He was A D O R A B L E in a seersucker suit topped off with a navy fedora. He looked like a little old man! Of course Will and I matched in our seersucker too...I just couldn't resist!

On Saturday we took Crew to his first Easter egg hunt. I know he couldn't "hunt" the eggs, but it was so fun to take him out there and let him try and eat the plastic eggs. Basically anything he can get his hands on goes straight to his mouth these days. After the egg hunt we went out to lunch with Will's family and Crew slept through most of it. Egg hunting wears a baby out!

On Easter day we went to our church and then to my parents for lunch

Gifts from the Easter bunny. I think he left the candy for Will and I!

Could he be any cuter?!

Crew with Lolly and Poppy

All the boys...count on Will to be making a silly face

Checking out Papaw

My family with my brothers' girlfriends

We took Crew to see the Easter bunny last week. All he wanted to do was touch his face. It was hilarious. The bunny would keep pulling Crew's arm down, but this ended up being my favorite picture because it is "so Crew." If you hold him, you can count on him putting his hands on your face and giving big sloppy, wet kisses.

I can't believe how this time last Easter I was about 12 or 13 weeks pregnant with Crew and now we have an almost 7 month old happy baby boy!

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Lisa C said...

He's sooo cute. And I love the baby seersucker. Every time I'm on Belk's website, I might look at their baby seersucker clothes, haha.

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...


Vanessa Miller said...

I don't know why I wasn't following you on IG. I am now!! Holy adorable Easter outfit!!!

PMerr said...

You all look great! It looks like a ton of fun!

Jacob loves giving big sloppy kisses too!

Megan C said...

So cute! Seth was wearing almost the same outfit with the Easter bunny!! That's funny!


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