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Monday, May 7, 2012

Bad luck or good memories?

We had quite an interesting weekend. On Friday afternoon, an 18-wheeler was driving through our neighborhood and hit a low-hanging power line on the street behind us and we lost all electricity. Of course, as things go, I had just gone to the grocery the day before and our refrigerated food was in danger of being ruined. What a waste of money! Well, we ended up packing up all that food in a cooler and taking it to my parents' fridge. We spent the night there since we were on that side of town already. Luckily, all our food made it through the Friday power-loss!

On Saturday, my mom had signed up to work at Spring Fest that Faith Baptist Bartlett was hosting at New Testament Baptist Church in Memphis. I decided to go with her because Will had planned to go fishing that day. I'll admit, I was a little nervous about the part of town we were going to. It was off of S. Parkway and Florida Street. There were bouncy houses, face painting, hot dogs, sno cones, popcorn, etc. I helped serve food. I had a great time! The people were so nice and the kids were extremely polite. I was happy to be there, but also began realizing how incredibly privileged I am. It felt like we were in a different country. Who am I to complain about things I don't have while these people-right in my own city- have so little? All in all, it was a great time and we really enjoyed getting to serve the people at NTBC. What a great way to spend a beautiful Saturday!

Will's parents were out of town this weekend so we went and borrowed their Jeep for the day on Sunday. It is NICE and it was a perfect day to be cruising around convertible-style.
                                      Here's the Jeep when we drove it a few weeks ago

Anyway, after church last night we went to see The Avenger's with our friends Brad & Sara. (Side note- that movie was awesome! If you haven't seen it yet, GO! I want to see it again. It has a great combo of comedy & action) Before going into the movie we didn't even think to check the weather since we were driving the Jeep with the top down. I know what you're thinking...that we came outside to find a flooded Jeep. Thankfully, it wasn't THAT bad. We walked outside right as the winds were picking up. And when I say "picking up," I mean tornado-like winds! Will & I ran to the Jeep and started trying to pull the top up. I couldn't reach the top so I stood on the tire. The wind made the back of the top fly forward and it knocked me off the tire. It was beyond frustrating when all this was happening, but now it's quite comical. Thankfully, Brad & Sara came to find us knowing that we'd be trying to get the top on the Jeep before it started pouring. Brad took over my "job" to help Will and I sat in the dry car with Sara. We had some laughs watching them. From the wind blowing Will's shirt up kind of Marilyn Monroe-esque to the back window not going on, it was definitely a funny memory in the making. 

Poor Brad & Will

So, all in all, we had a great weekend. We could say that a stressful power loss and a mad rush to get the Jeep top back on was a brush with bad luck, but really, we just made some great memories with each other and with great friends. Can't wait to look back on this weekend in the years to come!

This is going to be a great week! We are going to Fort Benning on Wednesday to see my brother, Cody, graduate from Army Basic Training & Tanker training! I'm so excited for him to be coming home! Hope you're Monday is treating you well!

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