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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Puddle Jumping

It's actually more like LAKE jumping in this case. The dogs and I were bored this afternoon after getting dinner cooked and laundry done. We decided to go out to The Grove to walk around the lake. My dad is the Director of Operations out there and Will also works there part-time so I always have a good excuse to go! It is such a beautiful camp and happens to be where our wedding reception was.

We walked around the lake, the dogs swam some and I hung out with Dad & Will a little bit. The Grove is in the process of building two awesome water slides. I cannot wait to ride them!

This is the view from the tower where the two slides will come from! Much bigger than I had imagined. 
Me and Ginger & Remi were walking along the left side of the water hole is by those tall poles when Ginger got the surprise of her life. 

From her perspective she just saw these boards and I guess assumed that there would be something like a deck to walk on once she jumped up on it... Well she jumped, and then went straight down to the water. Ginger is a small dog, with stubby legs so her swimming skills aren't excellent. Once I stopped panicking and got her out of the water it was really quite funny. It just reminded me of Wile E Coyote running off a cliff where he just kind of freezes for a second....and then falls straight down.

Once I got Ginger out of the water, she started rolling around in the dirt and mud to dry off. It was disgusting! She didn't even look like herself! Ginger provided us with some comic relief today and I'm glad I snapped some quick pics of Ginger as a brunette!

She's camouflage!

My dad trying to get some of the dirt off

This picture cracks me up. Dad was driving me back to the car in his work truck. Dirty dogs have to ride in the back!

It's almost Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

This is adorable! I'm so happy you're blogging!


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