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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's time to start a new bloggy tradition... What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I've been encouraged by Kelly to start these blog posts. I always love her Wednesday posts so hopefully mine will be half as interesting as hers! Here it goes...

I love Kelly's blog! I have to give her credit again for inspiring me to even start a blog and for WILW! Go check out and follow her super cute bloggy blog!

I love that today is the 4th of July! It's such a fun holiday and I'm so glad Will & I got to come to the beach to spend time with family!

I love Will's new LifeProof case for his phone. We've had so much fun taking underwater pictures!

I love my new swimsuit top. It has parrots on it! Will said it reminds him of Brazil so you know anything that makes me think of being back there makes me so happy!

I love these two sketches. I'm a big doodler so this just makes want to gather up all my pens and doodle for hours!

I love love LOVE this porch bed! Doesn't it make you want to curl up and read on a rainy day?! And the great thing is, we have a porch big enough for this! Hmm...I see a project in our future!

I love this satchel! Turquoise is a favorite!

I'm really SUPER loving this photo shoot! How fun?! Hmm...maybe I can convince Kelly Ginn Photography to do something awesome like this for Will & I! ;)

Well, there it is! My first WILW post! Hope you enjoyed! Happy 4th to you all and a special thank you to those serving our country!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm blushing as I type this! Thank you for all the credit, the truth is I'm only half as interesting as you, so I need you to blog so I have inspiration to blog myself :)
Those underwater pictures are AMAZING! I need a life proof phone cover, and a pool, ASAP!
That turquoise purse is screaming my name, "Kellllllyyyyyyy"
PS, if you find that powered paint, I'm game :)


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