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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It's time for WILW again! Since we were out of town at World Changers with the Youth last week, I'm going to double up on this week's post!

I love these two chairs! I wish I could find something like this for our house! So fun!

I love the idea of using these as wall deco. If we ever have a girl, I would totally use these in a nursery!

Love these DIY bracelets! Planning on getting my crafting on soon!

Love this infinity arm candy too!

LOVE this outfit!! I want it!

Love this idea again for a girl's nursery. (no, I'm not preggo..just cute ideas!)

More bangle love! Love this turquoise!

I love that I just ordered this book and it just shipped! It looks like a really interesting read!

I LOVE THIS BOOK! It is my all-time favorite! And I love that Sara just started reading it! It is HIGHLY recommended! Kelly Ginn, have you read this??
(P.S.-Check out Sara's page - She makes adorable baby/toddler clothes and all kinds of crafts too! Like her page!)

Last, but NOT LEAST, I LOVE this group of teenagers! We have had the best year and a half with them possible and are going to miss not seeing them every Sunday & Wednesday...but we are still planning on seeing them as much as possible! It's about time for another girls night at our house! 


Anonymous said...

I am obsessed with that second chair. Is it Anthro? Also what the heck is that hoop wall deco? What is it called? I pinned it the other day and showed my mom, we don't know what their called! Please tell me how that lost and found book is!! It looks awesome!

Courtney Kassner said...

I'm not sure what the chair is! Definitely looks Anthro-esque though! The hoops are called embroidery hoops! My fam used to own a sewing business so we've got some laying around the house that would be great deco! I'm pretty excited about that book...still haven't gotten it yet though, but I'll be letting you know! :)


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