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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bennett Levi's Sip n See

This past Sunday I helped host a Sip & See for one of my best friends and her sweet baby boy. I volunteered for the task of decorations and I was excited about doing some crafting for this get-together! It was a great turnout and the other 4 hostesses did so great with the delicious food, invitations, and picking out a hostess gift for Brooke. 

I found the link to make these on none other than Pinterest! On the website they suggest making ornaments out of these, but I thought they would look great hanging above the food table. You can find the tutorial and template here. [Warning: these are very time consuming...and a little frustrating when assembling, but the end result is great!]

 This yummy cake was made by Off The Square Catering

This was so easy to make and I think it turned out great. I just cut out the triangles with scrapbook paper, threaded some string through, painted the letters and voila! 

Izzy was enjoying all the attention on Sunday

The color scheme for the Sip & See was blue and brown. We pretty much went off of the cute blue and brown giraffe invitations. I wanted Brooke to be able to keep this for Bennett once we were finished with it and since his room is more of primary colors I made this a reversible banner! I loved the way it turned out!

The back of the blue and brown side

I made some pinwheels and attached them to dowels that I had painted and cut to size and then put them in mason jars. Have I mentioned that I LOVE mason jars?!

The blue stuff is 'Unity Sand' that I found in the wedding section at Michael's! It was inexpensive and served my purpose great!

I've seen door hangers like this at all kinds of craft fairs. I've seen them mostly made of burlap, but I've also seen them made of some type of screen. That's what this is made of: window screen. There wasn't any type of tutorial for this...I just kind of knew what I wanted and went with it. I love the way it turned out and I've even received some orders on door hangers already! Let me know if you're interested in one for your front door or even to hang on your child's bedroom door!

I was trying to figure out what to do for a table runner. One of the other hostesses said she had some white table cloths so I decided to go buy some fabric and just sew one. I found the fabric at Premier Fabrics in Germantown, TN. (I could stay in that store for hours redecorating my house! They have the BEST fabrics!) 

You may notice the giraffes hanging in the background. (I don't think I took a picture of them alone.) I wanted a backdrop for the food table and this is what I came up with. So a few weeks before the Sip & See I started cutting out giraffes. I had a PDF of the invitation with giraffes on it so I was able to take those from that file and enlarge them to cut out so they were the exact giraffe. I cut out two different sizes in varying shades of blue and brown. Then I strung them using some of Will's clear fishing line. I attached them to a square dowel that I painted blue and used to hang across the two windows. 

These giraffes caused some stress in my life. This photo was taken after I had hung the giraffes up at my house so they wouldn't get tangled... That obviously didn't work. As soon as I walked away it fell down. I just had to take some deep breaths over and over so I didn't scream! Ginger looks sort of like I did when I saw them falling.

You can see the giraffes good again in this photo.

All of the food was so good!

This is baby Bennett and his Mommy! What a good photo!

Bennett was so tired after a long afternoon! Isn't he cute?!

Speaking of cute, I just had to add a couple photos of Bennett and big sister, Celia! They were too cute not to post. You can really see Celia's personality in these pictures! I have no doubt that she is going to meet and exceed any expectations of her as a big sister. She is so great and I can't wait to see her grow up with Bennett. Being a big sister to a brother is something special and I'm so glad she gets to experience it!

Aren't these two babies great!? I think this photo of Celia is my absolute favorite!

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