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Friday, December 28, 2012

Refurb'd Cabinet

As a Christmas present to my mother-in-law, Will & I (mostly Will) refurbished an old cabinet that's been in the Kassner fam for quite a while. I'm smacking myself for not taking an original "before" pic, but what are ya gonna do? It was an old, white, dirty cabinet. You get the picture. And basically we sanded it down and made it look old and white again.

This is where we remembered to take a "before" picture. Oops. After some sanding...

 Will built that little box the cabinet is sitting on. It's meant for books, magazines, etc.and it gave the cabinet a little extra height.

After 1st coat of paint...


I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! And what's even better, I got a new sander for Christmas and am really excited about tackling that pile of old furniture I've been hoarding collecting in the garage. 
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1 comment:

Melissa Jo said...

It looks great! Furniture refurb is one of my favorite things to do when I do have a spare moment. I'm always on the look out for my next piece!


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