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Monday, December 3, 2012

St. Jude Half Marathon 2012

This past Saturday was the St. Jude Marathon. Will ran in the half marathon for his second time and did great! He decreased his time by 10 minutes from last year. Although downtown Memphis turns into a madhouse, I love going to watch and cheer on my friends. What an accomplishment!

Will and our friend Ken ran together

I watched the race from mile 3 on Beale Street. 

Here they come!

Ken was just happy to be running! Great photo!

Here come Will and Andy

The finish line was in Autozone Park so after I watched everyone go by at mile 3, I hung out in the stadium.

FINISHED! Official time was 2:12! Getting better every year!

My friend Brooke and her running buddy, Cecilia. They blog over at MommiesRun.

Kyle and Will

After the race!

So proud of him!

There's a part of the race where the runners run through the campus of St. Jude with all the patients out there cheering them on. I've heard from several runners that it's a major tear-jerker. I know I would just lose it if I ran through that. But I am so proud of Will for running for all those children. I'm reminded of my visit to the Target House a few months ago and some of the children I met there. They were heavy on my heart on race day and I can only pray that God will heal them from this terrible sickness.

Overall it was such a great day and I am so proud of Will!---Have I said that already!? Now if only I could get the motivation to get up and run!
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Laura Darling said...

That's awesome that you guys did this! So cool!


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