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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

19 weeks

How far along are you?
19 weeks - I cannot believe that on Sunday I'll be halfway through this pregnancy. It is flying by!
I know I say this every week, but for real this time, my stomach is getting huge! It feels like the jump from 18 to 19 weeks is when my belly really grew. According to Will last night, "That thing like doubled overnight." Thannnkkss. It just means Crew is a growing machine!

How big is Baby?
He is as big as a mango - He's about 6 inches from head to bottom (legs aren't included in measurement yet) and 8.5 ounces - His brain is designating specialized areas for smell, touch, vision, taste and hearing.

Weight Gain?
+ 3 lbs. as of 16 week appointment though I feel like it'll be more by the time I go to the doc next week.

It's a boy!

Maternity Clothes?
Yes and loving them. My parents got me some maternity pants for Mother's Day and I wore a pair to work on Monday. SO comfy! I'm also loving any kind of cotton sundress.

Stretch Marks?
Not yet...

Hopefully looking up! I told you that I got the Leacho Snoogle pillow on Sunday from my parents and it's been great so far. I've been much more comfortable the past few nights and hope this continues to help! Now if I can just get Remi to believe that he's a dog and not a human that needs to sleep with his head on our pillows, we'll be good! Spoiled rotten!

Headaches every few days (an improvement from a few weeks ago) - still breaking out some on my face - back pain - round ligament pain once or twice a week (always on the left side and at the end of the day) - I told Will this week that I feel like my skin on my stomach is stretched to the max already...with 21 weeks to go! - lightheaded/out of breath when standing still for even just a few minutes 

Yes! I feel him all the time now and can definitely tell he's getting bigger and stronger. If we try and feel his movements with our hand, he stops kicking until we take our hand off. Last night he was kicking extra hard and I could see the little thumps on my belly. It was pretty cool, but of course when I told Will to look, Crew quit kicking. Little stinker.

Food Cravings/Aversions?
Still loving grape juice - preferably purple!
No aversions

Labor Signs?

Belly Button in or out?

What I miss?
Same as always...getting a good night's sleep

What I am looking forward to?
Starting his nursery (hopefully) soon - Will and I both have been in the process of cleaning out closets to make more space.

Best moment of the week?
We registered last Saturday which was both fun and exhausting.
Looking forward to being at the halfway point on Sunday!

Daddy’s feeling?
"Feeling enlightened after learning so much from registering Saturday!! Hoping Crew likes all the stuff we picked out!"

Whoa baby!...literally!

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J and A said...

You really have popped!!! So cute. It is flying by, I know what you mean!!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I love seeing the progression of the bump! My dog also thinks he is human but we don't let him sleep with us at night because we'd be on the floor!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Yea for a bump :D Love that you are feeling Crew all the time now. Will will feel him soon enough and he won't be able to get enough of it. Glad the snoogle is helping you sleep!

Rachel Easley said...

You're pretty much halfway there! Awesome. I'm taking my first belly pics/posting them this Friday!

Victoria said...

You look so good!! I bet it's so neat to see him bumping around!

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

I love that you're starting to pop now! That's the best. I feel like I've grown from medium to semi-huge from 22 to 24 watch out for that lol! And I don't think my baby sleeps 20 hours a day...she's moving in there all the time :)

Valerie Griffin said...

almost half way! you look great!

Anonymous said...

You're right behind meeee! Isn't is crazy to compare the bumps? Even though mine isn't that big, I can still see so much of a difference when I put them side by side.

Heather Leigh said...

Aww, look at that bump!! :)

Jess said...

You are so cute! Love the little bump girl :) Exciting that you are feeling him move now!!


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