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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

27 weeks

How far along are you?
27 weeks! Officially in the THIRD trimester! I can't believe it.

How big is Baby?
He's the size of a rutabaga (I have no clue what that is!) - His lungs are still developing and he's practicing inhaling and exhaling - His weight is anywhere from 2-2.5 lbs. and he measures between 14-15 inches from head to toe - He now sleeps and wakes at regular intervals

Weight Gain? 
16 lbs.

a boy!

Maternity Clothes?
Yes and still loving Will's t-shirts for around the house

Stretch Marks?
not on my belly

I feel like my sleep is going downhill again. Besides the usual getting up for the bathroom, I wake up several times because I can't get comfortable and just toss and turn because of restless legs or my hips/back hurting.

Back pain should be subsiding after Monday's chiropractic appointment. My right ribs still irritate me all the time. My belly has been itchy lately (possibly from the sun last week) and I have been trying not to scratch so those stretch marks don't make an appearance.

It seems like we've been able to feel his feet/elbows almost every day now. I love it! I haven't been able to feel him hiccup yet. I think he likes to hang out on the right side of my belly. Sometimes I look down and my belly looks lopsided!

Food Cravings/Aversions?
Nothing this week. I ate Mexican at the beach last week and it didn't make me feel sick. Woohoo!

Labor Signs?

Belly Button in or out?
Still flat

What I miss?
Being able-bodied

What I am looking forward to?
Next ultrasound at 29 weeks
Also, Will hasn't left for China yet, but I'm already looking forward to him being home!
Deciding on color for nursery and hunting for furniture

Best moment of the week?
Will coming home last Saturday and feeling how strong Crew had gotten since he left!

Daddy’s feeling?
"So ready for Crew to be here! He's been moving around like crazy and it is so neat to feel our little guy move all the time!"

I'm feeling?
Starting to get overwhelmed! If these last 12.5 weeks go by as fast as the past 27 weeks we're in trouble! I can't decide on the exact paint color for the nursery...despite how many samples we've gotten. We have no furniture or rug for the room yet either. Yikes. We are planning on getting a new crib and "refurbbing" vintage furniture...that we don't have yet. I've just got to keep reminding myself to take everything one day at a time! It will get done eventually!

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Also, if you're pregnant or had a baby recently, come link-up with me next Tuesday! I'm hosting a one time link-up for the men as they tell us what pregnancy has taught them!
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J and A said...

I feel like my sleep is going down hill too! Can't wait to see what you decide for the nursery and so glad Will is home for ya!!

Chelsea Phelps said...

You look great! My grandmother serves rutabagas every Christmas- they are an orange veggie that are actually pretty good! Most people have never heard of them though!

Sessy@NTSST said...

Looking amazing girly!!! Love the maternity shirt! Don't the fruit/veggie comparisons make you laugh? I get a little disappointed when I get to a week where I am not familiar with it!

Kayla Peveler said...

Lookin adorable!!! Hoping the rest of your pregnancy goes super smooth for you girl! Get some good rest! :)

Rachel Easley said...

You look wonderful!! I remember feeling like the 3rd trimester went by s-l-o-w! I think it was just because I was SO ready for Rowen to get here!! Can't wait to see the nursery when you get it done.

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

Welcome to the third trimester! So exciting! You are looking great!

Katie said...

i always feel like she is hanging out on the right side. It's crazy the shapes your belly takes!!

Kera @ Nugget On A Budget said...

You totally just popped this week! I love your belly. The third trimester goes FAST :) Hope you're feeling well!

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you on the sleep - and I thought the same last week about the fruit/veggie comparison...I don't know why they choose to pick such strange things some weeks...

Laura said...

wow, you look great! Looking forward to following you as you start your third trimester! I'll get to see what I have to look forward to in the coming weeks!


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