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Friday, January 24, 2014


A friend of ours came up with this hashtag on Instagram (Thanks, Taylor!) and I must say that I love it! We love finding adorable outfits for Crew to wear. I have never been a fan of outfits that look too "babyish"....if that even makes sense. I like Crew to look like a little man!

He even looks pretty stinkin' cute in one of my old outfits...

This is another one of his outfits that used to be mine. How could you not love footie overalls!?

My handsome boys before church! We always have the cutest hats and shoes for Crew to wear to church, but by the time we get there, he's kicked the shoes off and the hat just doesn't have a chance... oh well!

I will say one thing that is so frustrating when it comes to baby clothes: The ratio of the boys and girls section of clothes in any store is about 1:5! There are always girls' clothes that go on for days while I'm standing in front of the one rack of baby boy clothes. Crew wants to be fashionable too! I've been to Old Navy and Children's Place in the past week and had this problem.

I wouldn't trade this little handsome man for anything! He's too cute for words. I am in disbelief that my baby is going on 4 months old. Where does the time go?

I'm linking up with Lauren today for the Baby Mama link up!

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Mariel Collins said...

OH MY! Cutest little baby ever! I love that little animal suit..too much cuteness!

PMerr said...

So adorable! I so agree about boys clothes. I wish they had more!

Bethany said...

Ahhh that little dalmatian outfit is too much! What a cute kid! And I totally love the hashtag.

Amy Harris said...

found you through the link up! crew is absolutely adorable :) i love all his little hats. i'm always putting hats on my little guy too!

Lindsay @ Pursuit of Pink said...

Crew is so cute!!! I love everything you put him in. And even though I have a girl of my own to shop for, I completely feel your pain about there not being a large selection for boys. I have trouble finding things for nephew!
Glad you linked up!

Lisa C said...

The bear sweater. Be still, my heart!

J and A said...

He is so darn cute!! I love the kermit!! :) He is getting so big!


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