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Monday, February 2, 2015

crew | fifteen months

weight: 30 lbs
clothes: 2T
diapers: size 4 in disposables - He grew out of his Sunbaby diapers unfortunately :( We have those chunky thighs to thank for that!
hair color: Dirty blonde
eye color: VERY dark green/brown
eating: Anything he can get his hands on. He is a fruit-eating machine and would live off of just fruit if we let him. He loves Mexican food too...he is so our son!
nicknames: Crewboo, pumpkin
likes: He loves being in the water and taking baths, entertaining the room, any and every dog, Dinosaur Train
dislikes: being told no, getting something taken away from him

Mr. Personality is 15 months already! He loves being the center of attention and showing off for people. If people laugh at him, he'll start clapping for himself and cracking up. He's not a shy one, that's for sure. He takes after Will in that category!

He's a major bookworm. Ever since he could crawl, he's been bringing books to anyone who will read to him. Once one person reads him the book, he'll take the same book to the next person to give them a chance to read too ;) He loves his "100 First Words" book the most and loves to point to each picture when you ask things like "Where are the socks," etc.

He loves to dance...especially to the Thomas theme song and Dinosaur Train - his favorites! Typically the only way to get this little busy-body to sit still for any length of time (like 2 minutes!) is to turn Dinosaur Train on. The photos above and below were from some of those times!

Animal noises he can do:
Horse, cow, dog, cat, sheep, dinosaur, lion, tiger, bear, pig, monkey

Other noises:
train, truck, car

He can pick out the colors red, blue and green.

mama, dada, nana, poppy, bye bye, amen, night night...I'm sure there are a few more, but they're escaping my mind!


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