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Thursday, June 27, 2013

25 weeks

How far along are you?
25 weeks!

How big is Baby?
He's the size of a cauliflower (Again, these food comparisons from thebump don't seem to make any sense.) - His sense of equilibrium is kicking in and he's learning to distinguish right side up from upside down - He's between 13.6-14.8 inches long and weighs about 1.5 lbs. - He's growing more hair that now has color - He's plumping up with baby fat!

Weight Gain?
16 lbs.

a boy!
Crew William Kassner

Maternity Clothes?
Of course - I've found some pretty good deals lately on eBay

Stretch Marks?
not on my belly

Can't complain

Mainly just rib discomfort because it keeps "popping out" on my right side. I went to the chiropractor again this week and always feel so much better afterwards.

He's getting stronger each week. As I sit at my desk at work, I can watch my belly bounce all around. He's so active all the time! He still hangs out pretty low most of the time which means he likes to kick my bladder a lot. He hasn't found my ribs yet.

Food Cravings/Aversions?
Strawberries and bananas - I'm on the juice kick again. At our most recent grocery trip, I wanted every kind of juice I saw. (White grape peach is so good!)
I haven't had Mexican in about 2 weeks so I'm not sure if it still makes me feel bad or not.

Labor Signs?

Belly Button in or out?

What I miss?
Being more "agile" when bending down or getting up from sitting on the floor!

What I am looking forward to?
Relaxing on the beach
Not looking forward to being away from Will though

Best moment of the week?
Will got ordained last Sunday!
(Still working on that blog post - I'm having technical issues with my new SD card!)

Daddy’s feeling?
"Excited that Crew will be here soon! I love working on the nursery and thinking about our soon-to-arrive little boy!"


The Life of Poole said...

Oh just you wait, bending over gets even worse but I still try to, I'm not convinced I completely can't haha But tying shoes is a definite no right about now - it's not even remotely possible anymore! You still look so awesome too!

J and A said...

Strawberries!! I could eat buckets!!! Yum!! Love that belly!

Rachel Easley said...

Mmmmmm....I'm loving all kinds of fruit too! You are all belly! You look wonderful. Have a nice time relaxing at the beach!! We are headed to the beach on Saturday and I can't wait.

PMerr said...

I miss bending over too! It's been so hard to sit down and bend over to pick something up off the floor!

Just wait on the stretch marks. Mine happened overnight! I was checking everyday for the dark line (which I never got), and I got out of the shower one day and said "wow! Those stretch marks weren't there yesterday!" It was a sad day!

Heather Leigh said...

Okay my advice to you is to not scratch your stomach if you're trying to avoid the stretch marks. Your tummy can get itchy from the stretching & the itching is really what makes the stretch marks really come out. I recommend instead of itching use oil and rub :)


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