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Saturday, October 12, 2013

crew | one week

How is my baby already a week old?! This week has gone by entirely too fast with his one week birthday being on Thursday. Will goes back to work on Monday, a day that we are both dreading. He doesn't want to leave his family and I'm scared of our first day at home without Daddy there to help. I sense a whole new level of exhaustion coming on. 

Crew is absolutely perfect. Our first week with him has been as great as it could be as we adjust to our new life. He hardly ever cries. If he does, it's usually one loud scream because he's hungry or if he's naked. He sleeps really well too. Noises like the dogs barking don't phase him one bit, which is awesome or we'd be in trouble. He's been sleeping in our room in the Rock 'n Play and he loves it. His nightly sleep schedule varies. He'll go anywhere between 2-4 hours usually. I love those 4 hour stretches. Will has been so great getting up to help in the middle of the night. He will get up to hand Crew to me to nurse and then usually change his diaper before putting him back down to sleep. It helps so much having him awake (usually) with me during the middle of the night feedings.

We've been exclusively breastfeeding and I honestly still have mixed feelings about it. Breastfeeding is hard (at least so far). I'm ready for the tenderness to go away and for it to be easier. The middle of the night cluster feedings are what really wear me out. I know everything is an adjustment and I'm just trying to stick it out for Crew's sake. Crew hasn't had a pacifier yet...really hasn't needed one. He's always so content. We'll probably try a bottle in this next week so hopefully Will can start feeding him too.

Speaking of Will, have I mentioned how great he is?! I love seeing him with Crew. I didn't think it was possible to love him any more than I already do, but seeing him loving our son just pulls on my heartstrings! Crew and his daddy are going to have a pretty awesome relationship.

I've been so emotional this past week. These postpartum hormones give the pregnancy hormones a run for their money. I've cried about everything. I've also cried about nothing. There have been lots of tears from exhaustion or just being so thankful for this life we now have a part of our family. The middle of the night feedings are usually spent silently praying over my son, which usually lead me to tears too! I pray for his health, for who he'll grow up to be, for his faith one day, and for God to give us rest despite the hours of missed sleep.

The dogs have done so well with Crew. I think they've finally realized that this baby's here to stay. They like sniffing him and are always checking out what he's doing. On the rare occasion that Crew does cry, Ginger will start whimpering too. She even gave Crew his first kiss on the top of his head today. NEVER expected that from our diva dog, Ginger!

Postpartum recovery, to me, was worse than the actual birthing process. It's all worth it though and we are so thankful for the most perfect baby we have! It's still hard to believe he's ours. I am so happy and get so excited for all the adventures to be had with our sweet Crew. 

Crew had his first outing on Day 8 for his newborn photos with Kelly Ginn. She came to our house first and then we went to The Grove. I can't wait to see them!

I'm still planning on posting Crew's birth story, but I wanted to wait to get the birth photos back from Kelly first. I've never been so anxious/excited to see photos before in my life! I am so glad she was there to document Crew's debut!

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Lindsay said...

I just love him! He's so adorable -- congratulations you guys! Ugh, I remember my husband's first day back to work, too. I was so panicked I cried and cried...but it went really well (and then the next week they sent him away for a 2 week business trip, ugh! I'm still bitter!). You'll do great!

Jen said...

LOVE that last photo of you 3- it's beautiful!

Happy 1 week to your baby. He is precious :)

Mariel Collins said...

He is so sweet! I am so glad he is so good to you all, Praise the Lord! I can't wait to see the birth photos and story! Im thinking of getting a photographer but truly debating it!

Megan C said...

Time really flies! The exhaustion and emotions get better but they are still there for me a little... Especially the exhaustion. I agree, recovery is tough. Can't wait to read his birth story!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Love all Crew's cute pics :) can't wait to read the birth story! Hang in there with gets easier. The first month was rough for us (toe curling the first 2 weeks). Once you push through it, it's so so so worth it.

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Love all Crew's cute pics :) can't wait to read the birth story! Hang in there with gets easier. The first month was rough for us (toe curling the first 2 weeks). Once you push through it, it's so so so worth it.

Heather Leigh @ Adifferent kind of woman said...

AWWWW!! Girl, He is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Crew is absolutely precious! Congratulations again!


Anonymous said...

I had a question for you - the rock and play that you say Crew sleeps in, would you mind showing a picture of that? I follow you on IG so if you want to post it there and tag me (@runt22) that would be great! Or you could email at with a picture. I'm curious because we got a sleep and play for our baby shower and I contemplated using that as a bassinet in our room instead of actually getting a bassinet. I was wondering if we have the same one. If you say Crew sleeps in it perfectly fine I might forgo the bassinet. Also, this one is just me being a worried mom to be, but seeing that Crew was 9.5 lbs. when he was born, I'm guessing you skipped the newborn clothes. Did you have a lot that you ended up not using? I am worried about buying too many newborn things and not needing them, or not getting enough and needing them. Your advice on this would be greatly appreciated!! I keep reading people say just to get it and return what you don't use, but I would probably wash everything in case I needed it and some stores don't take back clothes that been washed, right?

Again, your feedback would be great!

Worried, excited, overthinking mommy to be.



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