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Thursday, October 24, 2013

crew | three weeks

Another week has flown by. We are loving Crew more and more every day. I didn't think that was possible! He's such a good baby. He still hardly ever cries. If he does, it means he's hungry...or having his clothes changed.

I'm not as tired feeling as last week. I don't think I'm getting any more sleep than before, I've probably just gotten used to running on less! Crew is still sleeping in 2 hour increments at night time. He went 3 1/2 hours one night this week and it was awesome.

Crew loves being talked to. When he's awake, you could talk to him all day and he'll just stare into your eyes as if he understands exactly what you're saying. He also loves being swaddled or wrapped up tight in a blanket to go to sleep. He just loves being held close and tight.

Last Saturday we went to the Humane Society of Memphis Fast & Furriest 5K. Will and Remi ran in the race and Crew, Ginger and I waited for them at the finish line. This was my Under Armour boys after the race.

First, this is my favorite outfit of Crew's. I could just kiss him all day long...and I do! Second, we got this glider/swing for him this week and he seems to really like it. He is still sleeping in the Rock 'n Play at night in our room, but sometimes Will puts him in the glider when after he wakes up for his 4am feeding. We love the Rock 'n Play except for the fact that it doesn't rock itself. If we don't put ourselves back to sleep by rocking it, then our arms go to sleep by hanging them off the bed to rock him.

Another one of my favorite pictures. He looks like a little baby doll!

Crew had his first restaurant outing this week at none other than El Porton. He slept the whole time and never even knew he was there!

Crew loves sleeping on Will like this.

I tried the Moby out for the first time today. Crew seemed to like it for the few minutes he was in there. We are going out of town for the day this Saturday and I was thinking of wearing him rather than pushing the stroller. We're going to Hardy, AR so Will can fish some and we can go antiquing! We usually go for a fall camping trip, but camping with a 3 week old isn't the best idea so we settled for a day trip!

As far as weight loss goes, I've lost 27 lbs so far. The weight came off so fast at first, but has definitely slowed down now. I'm becoming more and more able to walk (for exercise) each day and am looking forward to really trying to get those extra pounds off!

I'll be posting Crew's birth story tomorrow! Finally!

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Lisa said...

The baby animal outfits are so adorable!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

He is precious! Noelle loves to sleep on her Daddy's chest like that, too. So sweet! That's our only complaint about the Rock n Play, too. We put ourselves to sleep rocking!


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