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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

October Camping Trip

I am so behind on this post. All of our pics were on Will's phone so I just completely forgot about it. One weekend in October we went to Hardy, AR to go camping/fishing/antique shopping at the Spring River. I grew up camping a lot with my family so I've always loved it. I didn't start fishing IN the river until after Will and I got married. About a week before we left, Will and I were at home and the UPS truck pulls up. I just looked at him because I knew I hadn't ordered anything. He got so excited and practically ran to meet the delivery man at the curb. When he came back in, he opened the box...and low and behold there was a box of Women's Waders in there. Oh boy. He had bought me my own pair of fishing waders. I thought it was kind of funny. Will was so exited and it made him so happy that I could have my own waders now. Anyway, here's some photos from our weekend...

One of Will's favorites

Early morning fishing


This was that awful time when I had DUMB poison ivy on my face so I was not too keen on photos!

My first time to ever witness a fish be cleaned. Yuck.

One of Will's MANY fish

So beautiful

We had great weather and so much fun! I've loved having this tradition with my hubby. Now if we can just figure out a way to sneak the dogs in...

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Kaycee Pidcock said...

That is the face of a happy man! It's so cute that he was so excited for you to join him! <3 Happy Thanksgiving!

Kindra said...

Looks like you had a good time!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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