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Friday, November 9, 2012

Could We With Ink The Ocean Fill...

We have a Friday treat today! I asked Will to write something short for this post. When he spoke at the Glenmary Retirement Home a few weeks ago (mentioned here), he briefly talked about the old song "The Love of God" and I've had these words on my mind ever since. 

So many emotions come to mind when I read these words. The vastness of creation- the depth of the oceans, the length of the open sky- though breathtaking in their splendor, all pale in comparison to the overwhelming joy that's found in God's love. His love is beyond anything that we know, and yet it is so knowable. His love surrounds us, fills us, transforms us. Breathe in deep the love of God today and know that He is enough. He is the only one that fills our souls to satisfaction. So many people spend their lives searching for more, when all the while it's all around them. The beauty of the heavens is but a shadow of God's goodness. Through Jesus Christ we see with radiance God's love in full. Let Jesus fill your heart, your mind and your soul. And every time you look to creation, remember that the love of Christ is far more breathtaking. It is unmistakably everything we need.

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