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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Through Will's Eyes...or iPhone

As I was uploading the camping trips pics from Will's phone, I found some more photos that he's taken that I liked/hadn't seen. Some are Instagram photos and some aren't. None of these are relevant to anything other than I like them. That's good enough reason to post!

And I CANNOT believe this is my 3rd post in a day...or an hour. I'll stop after this, I promise! Just wanted to get these out of the way before Thanksgiving!

Perks of owning a LifeProof case--Walter & Remi swimming party. There's a tiny size difference, don't ya think?

Blurry, but makes me laugh now. This is from my tattoo this summer. Oh, the pain!

Cody thought my painful facial expressions were hilarious...until it was his turn.

Remi is such a good cuddler!

I don't know what's going on with my hair, but I love this sweet baby!

Will's car rides with the pups
Sunset on the island in October. Remi was appreciating the beauty.

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1 comment:

Kaycee Pidcock said...

I loved the one with the dogs swimming! lol


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