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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY Thank You Cards

With Thanksgiving being tomorrow, why don't you whip up some of these easy marbleized thank you cards and let someone know that you're thankful for them! They are so easy and fast and turn out GREAT!

I made about 200+ of these for church on Sunday. We passed them out to everyone with instructions to write to someone who has influenced your life in some way. Great idea for the week of Thanksgiving!

I got the idea from Alisa Burke with her tutorial on marbleizing for wrapping paper and ornaments. Check out her blog for instructions.

Paper (watercolor works best)
Spray paint
Rectangle-shaped bucket
Stamps (optional)

These photos are all from my iPhone so they aren't the best quality, but you get the picture.

Laying (or lying?) the pages out to dry in the garage. I got 8 cards out of a 12x18 sheet of paper

I used stamps from Michael's for the "thank you." They could be handwritten too, but when I was making 200+ that would have taken for-e-ver...

Happy Thanksgiving!
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1 comment:

Kindra said...

Wow! Those are really neat looking. I might have to check out how to do it.


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