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Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Tree Inspiration

We are planning on putting up our Christmas tree this weekend. We get a live one every year. My family has always had live trees and I refuse to switch to fake trees. Maybe it's just because it makes the house smell like Christmas! Ever since I moved out in college, I've had the same tree decoration colors/theme- lime green, turquoise, bright purple, and hot pink. I love it, but Will thinks it's too "collegy" or something like that. Will's more of a traditional guy when it comes to decorations. Anyway, I went Pinterest searching for some new Christmas tree ideas. We'll see what happens with this year's tree...

Love the red and turquoise

I had been thinking about a gold/silver tree...not as over-the-top as this though. I'm not sure if I'm liking it or not.

Another great red and turquoise one

I think this one is my favorite. It's burlap and twine. I love it and I know Will would too. Maybe this is a keeper.

Beautiful gold and teal!

Lime green has always been one of my favorite colors so I obviously like this one.

Wow. If I ever get a fake tree I want it to look like this!

I think it's safe to say turquoise is a favorite color too.

...And all the men in my family would love to have this antler tree!

How are you decorating your Christmas tree this year? Do you get a live tree or fake?

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Kindra said...

We have a fake one. We used to get live ones though.

Here's a link to our Christmas tree.


Jen said...

I'm loving the ones with the turquoise and teal! It's crazy cause it's never even occurred to me before that I could do something other than traditional!! But, since this is my first year in my condo and I'll be starting fresh (zero ornamnets, etc right now since it'll be my first tree on my own) I'm thinking I'll go this route and do something more fun and non-traditional! thanks for the inspiration :)


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