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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mason Jar Jackpot

When we were in Muddy, I decided to go down and look in Mawmaw's underground cellar. Little did I know I would be opening the door to mason jar heaven. I was so excited to see those old jars down there. I've developed quite a love for mason jars over the past few years. I use them for everything


I don't think Will was as excited as I was.

Mawmaw let me take a case of blue mason jars. I am thrilled. They are all so dirty and will require some elbow grease to get them cleaned up, but these are far better than anything I could buy new or even at an antique store. These were actual mason jars that Will's grandmother used and that makes them so special. I am so grateful to have them!

They were even in a pretty cool crate that Will is excited about using!

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Kindra said...

I love old mason jars too! So neat that you can use them now!

Chris said...

I've never seen so many mason jars! I can't believe how many she had and used!


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