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Monday, October 22, 2012

The Story of Remi - A Brittany Spaniel Tail

Get it? Tail, Tale?
Yes, I know on cheesy. My husband has rubbed off on me.
I was looking through old photos of Remi when he was a baby the other day and thought I would go ahead and dedicate an entire post to our 2nd child. As if my dog obsession wasn't evident enough.

We got Remi in May 2010. He was born in the month we were married. It was fate! He was the last little baby left. He has been a HANDFUL since day one, but our lives are so much better because of this sweet boy.

Brittany Spaniels are known for their high-energy levels. Did we know that before we got Remi? No. We did absolutely zero research on the breed. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We've lost countless power cords, books, pens, and so much more because of Remi's restlessness. Granted the destructive side of him has been gone since around the time he turned one so all of that stuff was to be expected with a puppy. We also didn't have a fenced-in backyard until about that time so that just added to Remi's hyperactivity! Luckily, he has calmed down so much and is so so sweet. We still can't let him off the leash at the dog park, but hey, baby steps. After we got Remi, we would occasionally meet people would say, "Hey, I used to have a Brittany!....but I gave him away. He was too crazy." Or..."we gave him away because he ate through the drywall at my house." Hearing all these stories about people giving away their Brittany's made us that much more determined to stick it out with Remi no matter what...and I am so glad we did!

Notice his tongue

Just a big baby
Sweet Remi and me on the day I graduated college

This is a picture that was sent to us by my dad when Will and I were  out of town one time. Remi and Ginger were staying with my parents and Remi must have been misbehaving. Haha
Halloween 2011: Ginger was the Sheriff and Remi was an inmate. Very appropriate.

Of course.
One of the many times Remi has gotten into something he shouldn't. In this case, it was getting acrylic paint off of my art table.
Enjoying life.
This picture was actually in the Memphis Commercial Appeal last year after the Fast & Furriest 5K mentioned here. This is probably my FAVORITE picture of Remi and Will.
Practicing pouting together
Two very spoiled dogs
Remi is a huge fan of singing in the car

He likes singing and fishing too!
Neighborhood watch

So while Remi has been such a handful, he and Ginger have made our lives so much better. Getting a Brittany is not for the faint of heart, but if you stick it out and stay patient, you'll end up with a pretty amazing pup.

1 comment:

Sharon Kay Summerford said...

We have a Brittany spaniel 3 year old boy named Colt. Handful but so cute.

Thanks for sharing your story and pictures.


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