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Friday, September 6, 2013

35 weeks

Our due date is exactly one month from today. WOW.
Also, I think my belly is just getting pointier and pointier!

How far along are you?
35 weeks!

How big is Baby?
He's the size of a coconut - He's about as long as he'll get before being born, but he'll put on at least a pound of fat before birth - His kidneys are fully developed

Weight Gain?

a sweet boy

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, and some of them are too little now!

Stretch Marks?
Well...I think I've noticed the beginning of a few on the right/underneath side of my belly. So sad!
My belly has been really itchy lately so I'm trying hard not to scratch it!

Still struggling with being uncomfortable and restless legs every night. My hips always hurt from sleeping on my side. Almost every night I just lie in bed going through our to-do list before Crew comes or even my work to-do list before Crew comes. I don't mind being kept awake by Crew, but I get mad at myself for losing sleep over work.
For some reason, I slept SO GOOD in Nashville on the first night of our babymoon. The bed, cold room temp, and down comforter made the perfect combo. I wish I could sleep like that every night!

Just a general feeling of being so tired and uncomfortable all the time!
Back/rib pain, acid reflux, pelvic/groin pain

Yes, his movements are less of the "kicking" feeling and more stretching and jabbing

Food Cravings/Aversions?

Labor Signs?
not yet... I got nervous on the babymoon because I started having bad cramps when we were out shopping one day, but luckily it went away after going back to the hotel and lying down for a while.

Belly Button in or out?
half and half

What I miss?
Sleeping on my stomach

What I am looking forward to?
Our third and final baby shower is this weekend!
His nursery rug should be here next week
Finishing the nursery
Doctor appointment today...hopefully I'll find out if things have progressed since last time I was there

Best moment of the week?
Our babymoon was so great!

Daddy’s feeling?
"Almost time for Crew! I can't say how excited I am for little man to be here. It's going to be awesome!"

I'm feeling?
I'm tired of being pregnant and just want Crew to be here! I'm just so sore/achy all the time and move so slow. I've been crying a lot again too. Something totally random/unrelated to pregnancy can happen and I'll just start crying because of being uncomfortable/in pain/frustrated with being pregnant. (I know, makes zero sense.) Poor Will.

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Alyssa said...

I can't believe it's only ONE MONTH until your due date!!! AHH!!! Baby Crew will be here so sooN!!

J and A said...

I love the comparison!!! 1 month! YAY!

The Life of Poole said...

It totally looks like you just put a basketball under your shirt!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

I feel like I'm reading my own post! I feel the same way about so many things!! He will be here so soon, though! EEK!!

Tara said...

I started noticing the beginnings of little stretch marks right at week 35, too :( Luckily they stayed small and have pretty much faded now (a year later)! Love the comparison pic and can't wait to see baby pictures soon!

Lisa said...

You're so close!!!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Whoop whoop! You look great! I love the photo comparison--so fun!

Lindsay said...

You look great!

Almost there!

Anonymous said...

You're almost there! So exciting!



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