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Thursday, September 5, 2013

babymoon part one: nashville

Nashvegas will always be special to us because it's where Will proposed to me. We love that we can make a short 3 hour drive and get to such a fun place.

We left on Friday morning and drove straight to Franklin for a little antique shopping. It was SO hot and I was sore/achy from being in the car for 3 hours so we didn't last very long. We went to our hotel that afternoon so I could take a much-needed nap and recover for dinner!

If we ever get to a city that has a California Pizza Kitchen, we HAVE to eat there. It's a delicious tradition. I have always loved their pizza and wish there was one in Memphis! (Although, my pizza was a little disappointing this time...they changed the crust AND the pepperonis were huge--which meant they were way more salty than usual. I wasn't a fan of the change...maybe it's just this particular CPK??)

Saturday morning before leaving town we went to the Opryland Hotel to walk around and reminisce of Will proposing to me!

This is where Will proposed! So much has changed in 5 years!!

Standing in the same spot as the proposal

And just for fun... a few pics from 2008!

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Pamela said...

This is so stinkin sweet!! Perfect place for yall to visit during this time! :) Oh, and that pizza looks absolutely delicious!!

Chelsea Phelps said...

That is so awesome you got to relive the proposal! So glad yall had a great time!


J and A said...

Awe I love that! Photos with the bump in the same spot!! Love it. You are adorable.

Laura said...

sooo cute! we debated going back to the Bahamas for our babymoon which was were we got engaged, and the significance of going there now would be so cute! I think that's a great idea! We chose Miami, and it was still a great trip but I LOVE that you recreated some of the same photos from your engagement! So cute and that food looks yummy!

Kristin said...

Cute bump! And CPK is now sounding good for lunch! haha

Anonymous said...

Aw! Love the "then and now" pictures. So sweet! Enjoy the rest of your babymoon!


Anonymous said...

We met and got married in Nashville (: I wish we were closer because I would go back all the time. what a fun weekend (:

Chrissy Morgan said...

That's where I got engaged, too! We revisit every year because it was our first date many many years ago. I love that you guys were able to go back! It changed so much after the flood, but it's still just as beautiful!


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