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Friday, September 13, 2013

36 weeks

I look down at my belly every day thinking it doesn't really look that big...until I see these photos each week! Ha!

How far along are you?
36 weeks! (Although at this point I'm one day away from 37)

How big is Baby?
He's the size of a honeydew - He's working on getting that baby soft skin right now - His liver, kidneys, immune system and circulatory system are all fully functioning and developed - His lungs are still maturing, but if he were to be born now he would be ok

Weight Gain?
At last week's appointment, 30 lbs.
At today's appointment, 29 lbs. Woohoo!

a sweet boy

Maternity Clothes?
Yes, and I'm sick of them!

Stretch Marks?
In the last week I got a few on the underneath side of my belly. I can't really even see them, but unfortunately that means they're still there.

This was a long week for a lot of reasons. I've be so completely exhausted both physically and mentally/emotionally. However, on Wednesday, I fell into bed around 7:30pm and (with the exception of waking up for an hour in the middle of the night) didn't get up until 7:30 the next morning. I felt so refreshed. I wish I could sleep like that every night. The next night I was back to my usual tossing & turning and being wide awake for hours on end.

Tired and uncomfortable - pelvic discomfort/pain - sore in general

He jabs me all the time when he's stretching out. He also has hiccups a lot and Will & I love watching the rhythm on my belly

Food Cravings/Aversions?
Still loving sweets and back to wanting grape juice again.
There's really never any food that sounds good to me. I can't eat as much anymore and am apparently a lot slower at eating according to Will!

Labor Signs?
I had some cramping/back cramping this week off and on but that's it

Belly Button in or out?
half and half

What I miss?
Sleeping on my stomach; being able to get around easily/walk fast!

What I am looking forward to?
Being full term in one day!
Working on the nursery tomorrow

Best moment of the week?
We had a great last baby shower last Sunday - I'll hopefully be posting photos of that soon
Good news at the doc today (see below for details)

Daddy’s feeling?
"I really can't believe that Crew is almost here. It seems like yesterday that we were announcing we were pregnant. I can't believe I'm about to be a Dad with the most wonderful Mom and wife in the world. It's all just so amazing. God is good!"

I'm feeling?
^ Emotional after reading that! ^
Better after my appointment today. I am not dilated, but I'm 50-60% effaced. According to my doc, effacement comes first, then dilation. Effacement is also the culprit of my back cramping. I was happy to hear I had made some progress after this long week. He gave me his phone numbers just in case we were to need him after hours.
Also, have I mentioned before how thankful I am for Will?? He has been so sweet to me this week (like he is every week). I was so emotional this week as well as tired and just achy. He has consoled me and taken such good care of me. I got a good one!

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Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

SO excited for you, girl! He'll be here before you know it! I feel you on the sleep, too. It's the worst at this point. Unfortunately my cramping and back pain is just for fun since my cervix hasn't changed.

Lisa said...

So a lot of bloggers I follow are prego / just had their babies. It's funny that y'all were so excited to grow into your maternity wear. Now, you're ready to have your normal clothes back!

Anonymous said...

AHH!! You're almost there!! It's so exciting!!! I pray that you have a healthy. smooth, quick delivery and recovery!!



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