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Thursday, April 25, 2013

the old wives say...

We find out the Baby K's gender on Saturday! After seeing Kaitlyn's post on old wives tales predictions, I thought it would be fun to do a similar post. I am by no means superstitious, but I thought we could see if these predictions are right or wrong!

By the way, are the wives old or are the tales old??

Photo c/o Kelly Ginn Photography
High or Low?
If you're carrying high, it's a girl. If you carry low, it's a boy.
I feel like it's still too early to tell! A friend told me this week that I was carrying high so we'll go with that.

Heart Rate
If the baby's heart rate is below 140, it's a boy. If it's over 140, it's a girl.
The 3 times we've heard the heartbeat, it's been borderline 140. (140, 149, 144)

Sweet or Salty?
If you crave sweets, it's a girl. If you'd rather have salty foods, it's a boy.
I'm not a big sweets eater, but since I've been pregnant I've wanted them WAY more than usual. Candy and ice cream...bring it on!

Chinese Birth Chart
This method uses mother's age at time of conception and also month of conception.

Even or Odd?
If the mother's birth year and age are both even numbers or both odd numbers then it's a girl. If one is odd, the other even, it's a boy.
Birth year: 1988, Age: 24

Break Outs?
If you have acne break outs, it's a girl. If your skin stays clear, it's a boy.
I've been breaking out like crazy during the pregnancy...which is (luckily) unusual for me!

Morning Sickness?
If you're stricken with morning sickness during your first trimester, it's a girl. If you have an easy first trimester, it's a boy.
I had a much easier first trimester than most. Was nauseated some, but never threw up.

Baby Dreams?
If you dream that you are having a boy, then it's a girl and vice-versa.
Besides having the dream where the nurses wouldn't tell me the baby's gender after delivery, I've only had one dream where I knew the baby's sex. It was a (2 year old?) boy in my dream.

Side Preference
If you prefer to sleep on your left side, it's a boy. If you'd rather sleep on your right, it's a girl.
I think this one is too hard to tell. I always like sleeping on the right side because it faces the outside of the bed. It didn't change since being pregnant. But I try and sleep on my left as much as possible (& as long as Will isn't breathing on my face) because I know it's better for the baby.

If you have headaches, it's a boy. If not, a girl.
My headaches are terrible!

GIRL = 7
BOY = 4

Besides having anxious thoughts about the sonographer not being able to tell the gender today or the gender "changing" at our next ultrasound, I am super excited about finding out what Baby Kassner is. I feel like we can finally start planning so many things and it's just an exciting time. I mentioned this in my post on Monday, but Will and I would love a boy OR a girl. We really don't have a preference over one or the other. We will love him/her no matter what he/she is! Sure, Will calls the baby a "he" all the time, but he would be such a sucker for a would all the men in my family! My middle brother, Cody, keeps joking with me about taking his "nephew" hunting with him and so on...but, Cody, you and I both know how much your niece would have you wrapped around her finger...and Colin & Dad too! (If it's a girl!) Each day that goes by I feel more and more blessed by the tiny baby growing inside of me. The gift of life is such a miracle and I am so thankful that God chose us to be parents. This little Baby K has so many people who love it already, whether boy OR girl!

So what do you think? Will Baby K be a boy or girl?
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Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

I'm going boy :) the Chinese prediction chart was right for me and we're having a boy. Can't wait to find out!

Sarah Nicole said...

Hi Courtney! I found your blog on the momma's to momma's link up! Before my gender ultrasound I drank orange juice. Apparently that is supposed to get the baby moving! :)

J and A said...

I'm so excited for you!!!! I can't wait to hear! I'm going with girl for you!! :) ENJOY!!

Amy B. said...

I've heard the same thing about drinking orange juice. Can't wait to see what the gender is. I'm voting girl since the majority of your tests say girl as well.

Becca Moss said...

This is interesting! Some of these hit right on the money that Wyatt was indeed a boy. Like the dream, I had a dream about having a daughter and then found out Wyatt was a boy. Fun. I think you're going to have a little girl.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will have a girl with me!!!!

Kaitlyn (:


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