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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Recap: Spring Fever

I actually took pictures this weekend! That' something new.
Friday after work, the weather was SO nice (as it was all weekend). Now that I'm in the second trimester and feeling better, I decided it's time to start getting some more exercise. We took the dogs on a pretty long walk and poor Ginger was worn out! Her short legs can't make it as far as Remi's. (And yes Mom, I did pick her up and carry her some of the way!)

 Remi being our Neighborhood Watch on Saturday morning

Ginger recovered by Saturday morning and was soakin' up some rays

My BABY brother had prom on Saturday night. I still don't think it's possible that he's old enough to be going to prom! Colin and his girlfriend looked so great in their hot pink!

These next two pictures sum up our Saturday night. We hung out with some of our closest friends. The guys invented their own version of STING PONG years ago that involves 4 players running around the ping pong table. When you mess up, you get a letter that eventually spells STING. Once that happens, everyone gets a chance to hit the ping pong ball at your bare chest/stomach. You can see why us girls don't play this game. We even got to see Kelly and John Saturday night!...and convinced John to join in on the Sting Pong game because they needed an extra player.

 On Sunday, my morning-loving husband got up early and made us some muffins for breakfast.

I wanted to use this picture as proof that my baby belly pretty much doubles in size after meals! After church we went to lunch with Tyler and Amanda. I think I've mentioned this before, but we can always count on them to go eat Mexican with us!

We went out to The Grove on Sunday afternoon because I wanted to walk around the lake. You would have thought Ginger had never been outside. She went crazy. The photo below was after she bravely chased some geese into the lake and proceeded to swim after them. She's not even a good swimmer!

Since Remi pays 0 attention to us outside in big, open spaces, we don't trust him off-leash. We made do with a super long rope for him. He loved it.

Since the dogs both swam in the lake they were filthy and both had to get baths last night. Remi hates the anticipation of a bath, but is so well-behaved once he's in there.

And that was our busy weekend! As you can tell, we all enjoyed the Spring weather and sunshine! Hope your weekend was just as great!

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Lisa said...

His face in the bath is so sad. It's just water, haha.

Lindsay said...

Ahh, love the puppy in the tub pictures. So cute!

Looks like you had a great weekend! It's so nuts when little siblings start to grow up. I can't believe my sister will be 17 soon!

J and A said...

You look so cute! LOVE your dress!

Annie said...

I really enjoyed these dog updates! Haha they're so adorable. Our youngest, the Chihuahua, also HATES the anticipation of a bath--so much so, he'll even (try to) hide! But then he's fine once he's in there as well.

And I noticed the tattoo (?) on your foot and loved it! What is it?

Rachel @ front row seat said...

The green dress is such a beautiful color on you! You look gorgeous!

Rach @ This Italian Family said...

We can't trust our pup off a leash either. He just gets so distracted by everything that he can't focus on us. And he also HATES baths too! If he suspects that a bath could be coming, he takes off and hides.

Courtney B said...

What a wonderful weekend!! And oh my goodness... CONGRATS on your pregnancy! I've been a little absent from blogland (I blame it on my darling baby... I'm too wrapped up in her to spend time on the computer! But now that nap times are pretty regular I'm slowly coming back, yay!) Your bump is precious and you are just glowing :) The 2nd trimester is the BEST! You feel good, your bump finally makes an appearance- but it's not uncomfortable yet, you feel movement, find out the gender... aaahh! 2nd trimester was my favorite :)

Katie said...

you look SO cute in the yellow dress - i love it!


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